SEO Strategy and Tactics

SEO Edge is a community of digital marketing enthusiasts and our goal is to filter out the quality service providers that do not meet our CredReady criteria. By doing so we only have the best of the best SEO service providers ready to quote on your next SEO project and Digital Marketing.

SEO factors and CredReady critera to be met are:

  • How many SEO clients does the SEO provider have
  • How long have has the SEO Agency been providing SEO services
  • Any certificates and qualifications
  • Does the SEO agency have a team (not just a solo freelancer doing every digital marketing service)
  • Does the Agency have a company registration number
  • Does their own website feature high up in the search engines for their keywords
  • Does the agency have a social media presence with a decent amount of natural followers (followers can be purchased, be aware)
  • Please provide a minimum of 3 testimonials of existing clients
  • How long has the longest active client been with the SEO provider
  • Study Provided

Additional questions to ask your SEO Agency

  • How do they acquire backlinks to their clients websites
  • How often do you send send reports?
  • Do you guarantee top page rankings? (If yes then this is a red flag)
  • How often do we have a meeting?
  • Can you name me a few of the latest Google updates (Pigeon, Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Mobile Friendly update, EMD (Exact Match Domain) are a few examples)
  • What are they key performance indicators of success? Links and rankings, traffic and followers or conversions?
  • How many hours will you work each month

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