Video Surveillance

We have a wide range of digital video recorder (DVR), network video recorder (NVR) and closed circuit television equipment and systems. We are able to provide a complete security solution for your home or workplace adding extra protection for you and your premises. The DVR connects with the security cameras either via a wired connection, enabling you to record and view what the cameras see. All of the systems we provide have the ability of remote viewing, so you can watch the security footage remotely via the internet from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

DVR and NVR video surveillance come with between 4 and 24 channels, enabling you to connect up to 24 security cameras to one unit depending on which product you have purchased. Dependent on which system you use these can record up to 4mp 1080p HD at night and outdoors.

Our wide range of security products means that we can provide from very affordable to very sophisticated surveillance systems depending entirely on your need. The brands we partnered with are realiable quality products we trust and believe in.